"The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run"

Torso Murders/NEWS - On March 30, 2010 a "severed limb" was found in Elyria Township according to local news reports. Obviously, there is absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Cleveland Torso Murder saga. So, why is this interesting? Because we were just wondering if this isn't just the way it started before, with a body part found and no body, the "where is the rest of it" feeling.
Two boys walking along railroad tracks find a right lower leg and foot of a woman and now the police are looking for information on missing women or dismembered bodies in the area. According to our research, most, if not all, of the Torso victims were found in the vicinity of the rails, and this is just a coincidence, but it is haunting. We're sure the authorities, with the tools and technology they have today have a good chance of getting to the bottom of this incident.
I want to mention that, if you read below, as I grew older I started to disbelieve the stories my mother told. But then, I wasn't alive then, and now I wonder, is this how it started with a little article on the back page of the local news and then it just grew and grew?

Anthony Sowell has been locked up for a while so there is no connection between this case and anything he may have done.

We sincerely offer our respects to the victim and her family.

     "My girlfriend and I were walking home from the movies. It was later at night and we were going under a bridge. We felt safe because my dog, Jack was with us. Jack was a good dog. After a while we noticed Jack was gone, he'd run off. We heard him whimpering and called him to us . He came to me and I could see he had something in his mouth. I said, "drop it, boy" and he did. He was a good dog. What he dropped was a human hand, from "the butcher".


The above stories, in some variation were told to me by my Mother, usually late at night, in the fall, usually you know, around Halloween. Of course,  my siblings and I believed every word and wanted more. This was the way I first became familiar with the story, legend and facts of the Cleveland Torso Murders. So, thank you, Mom, for scaring the Hell out of me.




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