"The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run"

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 As time has gone on and new information becomes available and as a more historical perspective comes into view some people have begun to see possible connections between this series of crimes and other notable, similar methods of dispatch applied to marginal, individual, members of society. Largely, in crimes of this nature, there appears to be a "victim pool". Poor, transient, addicted, nameless, faceless (and headless, in this case) people of dubious employment if that, are the prey of choice, and for a good reason. In most societies there's a plentiful supply of individuals in these dire straits, if the bodies are found, they are hardly traceable, and nobody really cares. The Whitechapel Murders (Jack the Ripper), the Cleveland Torso Murders, and the Black Dahlia Murders in addition to some other regional crimes have all drawn interest and speculations of co-conspirators or same perpetrator because of certain similarities, not the least of which is knife type mutilations occurring on all known victims.

This is The Cleveland Torso Murders Website and that is the topic that will be covered on these pages. When information seems pertinent or interesting concerning the given subject, it will be included. I grew up on stories about the "Torso Murderer" and tend to think of it as a Cleveland-centric crime. Acknowledging this, there will be no bias in the presentation of the facts concerning this situation that happened over 70 years ago but continues to draw interest locally as well as nationally and sometimes even from abroad. One last note: there will be no closure. This crime is unsolvable and is only open to speculation. Maybe that's what makes it so intriguing after all these years. That said, we will try to "piece together" as much information in an easily readable format as possible. Your help is needed and appreciated. If you or anybody you know have recollections about this case, grew up hearing about as we did or have insights or theories or questions, contact us.


Something to think about: There was no freeway in the 1930's. I-90 was constructed in 1959. People got around by different means. Ice was still being delivered to "iceboxes". The stock market crashed in 1929 and this was "The Depression" photo. There were shantytowns photo in every major city and people were poor, but not by today's standards. During this time frame FDR was President, there were maybe 123 million people in 48, not fifty, states (Alaska and Hawaii were added to the flag in 1959), milk was 14 cents a quart and bread was about 9 cents a loaf. It was common then to slaughter livestock and cure the meat in ones home. Who does that anymore? We're not talking about a whole cow, but pigs and chickens? Most certainly. Everyone was a "butcher" then, it was a basic skill. Some people still are.




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